The Newbury Channel Questionnaire (Comcast Channels 8 & 9)
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Have you ever watched our Public, Education & Government Channels 8 & 9 on Comcast ?
How often does your household watch Comcast Channels 8 & 9?
Do you feel that the Comcast Channels 8 & 9 are a good way to stay connected with the Town's meetings and events?
What type of content would you like broadcasted on Comcast Channels 8 & 9?
Are you aware of any matters now or in the past in which Comcast has not complied with it's license agreement with Newbury? If so, please explain.
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Do you have suggestions for what should be aired on Comcast Channels 8 & 9?
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What are some ways that we could improve or develop the Comcast Channels 8 & 9?
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