Associate Membership Form for the Illinois Head Start Association
Membership runs January 1st - December 31st **There is not a pro-rated dues structure option. Member fees are one flat rate notwithstanding the date joined.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is composed of two subsets. Both subsets are classified as members of the FRIENDS COMPONENT. The subsets of Associate Membership are:

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP - Members who have an independent vested interest in pursuit of the Association mission. The Associate Individual Member fee is $35.00

REPRESENTATIVE MEMBERSHIP - Member who represents an agency, organization or corporation that has a vested interest in pursuit of the Association mission. Associate members may have more than one person representing an agency, organization or corporation. Please contact IHSA if more information is needed regarding the Associate Representative Membership.

NOTE: If you are looking for an AGENCY PROGRAM membership, call our office (217) 241-3511 to request an invoice. Those fees for an Agency Program membership are calculated annually on basis of enrollment. Those memberships cover all directors, staff and parents within the agency Head Start program, thus EACH person is eligible for event member rates!

Five Reasons to Join Illinois Head Start Association Today!
*Receive discounts on IHSA conferences and training opportunities.
*Enjoy IHSA support: IHSA represents Illinois Head Start on all major early childhood and other issue advocacy groups in the State. Your voice can be heard in these groups through IHSA’s membership/representation system.
*Take part in the larger National Head Start Association network through IHSA because IHSA is an affiliate. Your voice can also be heard nationally! IHSA has a long history of NHSA board representation.
*Network at IHSA’s training conference while attending top notch educational sessions on the latest topics.
*Protect your interests and the interests of our neediest children and families. You will be helping the Head Start community!
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