A Survey about Patronage
This short, 4-minute survey asks a few questions about patronage in Christian ministry. Your answers will help shape research topics at the Patronage Symposium (honorshame.com/patronage) and future blogposts at HonorShame.com.

As a thank you, two respondents will be randomly selected to win a free book of their choice from this list: http://honorshame.com/recommendations .

What is your primary cultural-ethnic background?
What cultural context do you live in?
When people ask me for money, I feel......
Complete this sentence with the word(s) that come to mind (i.e. a few adjectives, a metaphor, etc.)
Your answer
Was your answer to the previous question:
In a few words, how would you define "patronage"?
Your answer
In your context, what are words/terms/metaphors that people use in everyday language for patrons and patronage?
Your answer
How well do you understand "patron-client relationships"?
Say what?!?
Like a pro!
How often do you encounter patronage in your context?
How much stress does patronage cause you?
Drives me crazy!
In your opinion, how "biblical" is the system of patronage?
Not at all.
In your experience, what area(s) of life and culture does patronage most influence?
Your answer
Regarding patronage and evangelism, which statement best describes you.
What is your opinion of this statement: "God is a patron."
Please explain your answer to the above question.
In your opinion, why is God a patron...or not a patron?
Your answer
What is a question you have about patronage?
This will help shape the discussion at The Patronage Symposium and in future HonorShame.com blogposts.
Your answer
Do you have a personal story about patronage?
Please share your story about patronage, either good or bad. Feel free to change names for privacy, but please identify the country/context.
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Optional, but this is the only way we can notify winners of the free book.
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