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2019 Media Application

Storytellers and documentarians are an integral part of Burning Man. Together, we share the story of Burning Man and add to the Burning Man community's extensive cultural and historical archive year after year. While the Burning Man Netherlands welcomes image-makers to our events like “Where the Sheep Sleep” or "Dutch Decompression" (oa) as storytellers and artists, we can only do so in a limited number due to the unique nature of the event. Thus, we look to approve the strongest, most well thought out project proposals. We encourage you to study the resources and policies recommended below before completing the actual application form.

Submitting a proposal does not guarantee your ability to document the event. A thoughtful proposal, with a clear focus, does improve your chances of being approved.

We look forward to receiving your proposal.
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Before you begin
About “Professional Use Media”:
“Professional Use Media” is used to describe any media project that is intended for public distribution, regardless of commercial intent. This includes – but is not limited to – gallery exhibitions, magazine publication, use on a personal blog or website. To make these kinds of public display of imagery from any Burning Man Netherlands EVENTS requires written permission from Burning Man Netherlands, and this application is the first step. To learn more about what it means to be “Professional Use Media” please read

Personal Use:
Recording images or video for sharing with friends and family through personal or noncommercial social media does NOT require registration. You may not share Burning Man Netherlands images on social media accounts for any products, brands, services, or businesses, however.

Though filling out the application may only take you about 15 -30 minutes, preparing your answers should take significantly more time. Having a well thought out proposal will give our review committee a better sense of your project and its potential impact on Burning Man NL participants and Burning Man's culture internationally. Whether this is your first trip to a Burning Man event or your tenth, reading the website and the links below is the first step to submitting this application.

The application must be submitted electronically via this form. We do not accept hard copy or email submissions. Please note: You must complete your application once you begin. There is no “Save & Continue” option available. Once submitted, you will not be able to update your proposal.

For any major changes to your project – acceptance of your proposal by a TV Network, grants funding received for a gallery exhibition, addition of a crew to a previously one-person operation – please contact the Burning Man NL Press Team. Updates or questions can be sent via email to

When you have submitted your application you will receive an email confirming the receipt of your application.

Thank you!

REMEMBER!!! You must complete your application once you begin!

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