State Reps/City Councilors Sign-Up Form

Hola, SE'rs! You're by no doubt familiar with the <a href="">"Culinary Ambassadors"</a> posts on Serious Eats. Those posts introduce the cuisines and food cultures of the world to the SE community.

Well, we've had a number of U.S.-based SE'rs inquire about getting in on the action. So now we're starting the <strong>"State Reps"</strong> ... or maybe the <strong>"City Councilors"</strong> program (we're not sure what to call it yet).

Anyway, if you're interested in representing your city, region, or state for an upcoming series of posts, let us know.

What kind of topics will we be asked to cover, you ask? Good question. Right now, we're thinking along the lines of ...

Favorite locals-only restaurant
Best doughnuts
Great farmers' market(s)
Local food festivals
Favorite local grocery store
Best area kitchenware stores
Etc., etc., etc.

Essentially these quick snippets will give the community <strong>an overview of what to eat and where to shop in your area,</strong> slowly building a "guide" for your fellow SE'rs. Are you in? Fill out the form below, and we'll send out the first assignment in short order.

Like Culinary Ambassadors, posts will cover a given topic and would be pretty short. We're not looking for novel-length treatises, just novel new places for treats.

<strong>Note:</strong> This form is for gauging interest in this new project. None of the info here will appear on SE and we will not share it with third parties.

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