Application for YTL Foundation Classroom Makeover
YTL Foundation believes that education is important and we want to help make the learning process fun, lively and enriching for your students. There are many schools across the country with classrooms in a terrible state of disrepair, making teaching and learning uncomfortable and tedious. It is proven that an inspiring and comfortable learning environment can bring about positive changes amongst students and teachers. Our Frog Classroom design also facilitates the acquisition of 21st century learning skills (collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity) so necessary for success in a globalised world.

Our aim as a Foundation with the help of teachers, parents and the Ministry of Education is to see 1000 schools each with a new Frog Classroom, by end of 2016.

Please see further details of the programme in the Standard Procedure Agreement in Section 6 of this form. You will need to agree to the terms of the Standard Procedure Agreement as part of the application procedure.
Frog Classroom Makeover
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