AMS Music Disability Study Group: Vote for By-Laws, New Leadership, and Suggest Topics for the 2017 Meeting in Rochester
We are soliciting votes from our membership to make our election process of leadership, choice of topics and themes for meetings, and the ratification of our by-laws, more democratic.

BIOS of the candidates:

I approve of the By-Laws created for the AMS Music and Disability Study Group, as discussed at the business meeting in Nov. 2015, and posted on the blog in Jan. 2016. *
Vote for the next co-chair (3-year term; serve with Samantha, 2017-2018; as sole chair, 2018-2019; and with another co-chair from 2019-2020). *
Vote for Secretary/Treasurer (3-year term) *
Vote for Social Media Officer (3-year term) *
Please share your ideas for topics to theme our regular evening session at AMS Rochester in 2017! After we collect the topics, we can vote on topics before the CFP goes out in Feb. or March. *
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Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to share below (responses ARE anonymous!).
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