Return to Air Cadets/Uniform Survey
754 Phoenix Squadron is conducting a very important survey. We request that every cadet respond to this survey by 15 AUGUST 2021.

There are 3 parts to this survey:

1) answering whether you intend to come back to 754 Phoenix Squadron in the fall - our intention is to resume our regular in-person training on Wednesday evenings, with Band on Monday evenings when possible;

2) letting us know your preferred email address for the new Cadet 365 program (this will be taking the place of our Teams - for more information go to:; and

3) letting us know what uniform parts don't fit, and what size you will need in the fall - please put your sizes down regardless, as we may have some extra uniform items for you.

It is VERY important for us to have this information so we can be ready to start up in September, after such a long period of time off.

All level 5 cadets will receive information later in the summer regarding the training schedule and instructor assignments.
Email *
Last Name *
First Name *
Rank - please check your rank as of the end of June - don't forget we had many promotions! *
Are you coming back to cadets in September? *
What email address will you be using for Cadet 365? It can not be the same as your parents'. *
Do you have uniform items that don't fit? Answer the questions below. If something does fit, please fill in the size you have anyway as we may have extra shirts, etc. that we can issue you. If an item is not listed but you need to exchange it, please put a note in the comments here. If you DO need to exchange anything, please fill in the measurements at the bottom of the page - be as accurate as you can!
Does your jacket fit? *
What size is your current jacket? This will be a 4 digit number on the label (e.g. 7034).
Does your shirt fit? *
What size is your current shirt? This will be a number and/or letter on the label (e.g. 15 1/2, 10M).
Do your pants fit? *
What size are your current pants? This will be a 4 digit number on the label (e.g. 6734).
Do your boots fit? *
What size are your current boots? This will either be a number/letter like 7D, or more likely a number like 218/88.
Measurement Instructions
Height (in inches) - with shoes off - see instruction sheet.
Chest circumference (in inches) - see instruction sheet.
Waist circumference (in inches) - see instruction sheet.
Foot length (in millimetres) - see instruction sheet.
Foot width (in millimetres) - see instruction sheet.
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