Division Leadership Achievement Award Nomination Form 2019-20
To be completed by the individual(s) nominating a principal for the Division Leadership Achievement Award.

The Division Leadership Achievement Award for elementary and middle level principals is a recognition bestowed annually by each MESPA division and the Retired Principals of MESPA (RPM). Through the awards we express appreciation to the many outstanding people in the principalship whose examples serve as inspirations to their division colleagues. The principals selected are representative of the many principals who influence the lives of teachers and students every day.

The award:
- Honors those principals within each division who, through individual leadership and sustained effort, have made noteworthy contributions to the operation of effective school learning programs and to the advancement of the role of the elementary and middle school principal.
- Supports the principalship as an essential role in planning and implementing meaningful educational programs and school reform.
- Provides visibility and public awareness of the principalship within the total education community.

Any MESPA member may nominate a principal for consideration. We are seeking an active member of the Minnesota Elementary School Principals’ Association and a principal currently in administrative office and directly responsible for a school.

Attributes that might be considered in nominating include:
- The candidate demonstrates excellence as they apply principalship skills.
- The candidate shares pragmatic research and makes it known and available.
- The candidate applies effective and meaningful collaborative skills in their principalship.
- The candidate contributes to a unique or innovative curriculum project.
- The candidate cooperates with other institutions of learning or work.
- The candidate shows interest in providing for the change needed in order to provide a high-quality and safe living and learning environment.
- The candidate exhibits creative problem solving.
- The candidate interfaces with other agencies outside the field of education.
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