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Assessing Disposable Cup Use By Bars, Boats & Riverside Events
The Super-Quick Response
Feel free to stop here and we'll give you a call for more details.
1. What is the name and postcode of your bar? *
2. Which of the following cups do you use in your bar? (Please tick all that apply.) *
3. Do you use any of the following single-use plastic products? (Please tick all that apply.) *
4. Are you happy for us to get in touch about joining the scheme and/or ways in which we can potentially help? *
5. If so, please supply a name and number for contact.
Assessing Your Needs
Please share your reasons for using disposable cups.
6. Under what circumstances do you use disposable cups? (Please tick all that apply.)
7. Have you considered using reusable plastic cups that can be washed, reused and (eventually) recycled?
Clear selection
8. If yes, what are your motivations for using reusable plastic cups? (Please tick all that apply.)
9. If no, please tell us your reasons for not using reusable plastic cups? (Please tick all that apply.)
Potential Solutions
Please share your preferences.
10. Are you interested in seeing samples of reusable cups and getting info on suppliers and prices?
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11. If you were to start using reusable cups, which option would you prefer?
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12. Which of the following would you NOT like to see branded on your reusable cups?
13. If you were to switch from disposable to reusable cups, roughly how many would you need to cover your serving requirements?
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14. Would cup rental be a more realistic and practical option for your bar than buying cups outright?
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15. Any further comments?
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