Cadillac News Advertising Grant Program
Dear Northern Michigan Businesses,

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our local community was forced to change the way we worked, lived, and went about our daily lives. Many employees were asked to work from home, some were forced out of jobs, businesses were closed or limited in what they could do.

The Cadillac News and the Missaukee Sentinel were there to bring people information about the pandemic, what it meant to those of us in Northern Michigan, and how businesses were coping with Stay Home, Stay Safe order. Our readership surged and our role of being the area’s number one source of local information became more evident than ever before.

As a small local business owner, we struggled just like most of the businesses in our area did. When people can’t get out to do business, everyone suffers.

And now with restrictions lifting in our area, people are back out and doing the things they enjoy which includes doing business with companies in our area. It is great to see so many people going back to work and getting back to normal.

The Cadillac News and Missaukee Sentinel want to do our part in helping businesses get back to normal. We are offering up to $500,000 in marketing grants to support the advertising and marketing needs for businesses in our area to get closer to normal. We are committed to our community, as we have been for 148 years, in helping the community grow with advertising, marketing and vital information. We are all in this together and together we can do great things. Everyone benefits when companies are successful and we at the Cadillac News and Missaukee Sentinel are committed to doing everything we can to help that happen.

Chris Huckle
Cadillac News and Missaukee Sentinel
Cadillac News pledges up to $500,000 in matching Marketing Grants

This grant program was created to help local businesses gain back the business that they may have lost in the COVID-19 shutdown. This is an opportunity to double your marketing impact by matching advertising dollars spent with the Cadillac News, Missaukee Sentinel, Weekly Voice and the Northern Michigan News. Let us help your business bounce back!

To start the application process, please fill out this brief survey about your business and you will hear from one of our marketing specialist within 5 business days. We will let you know if your grant has been approved, and set up a meeting to help you create a plan to best utilize your marketing grant.
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