Haw River Herpetology Curriculum Workshop

Workshop Sponsored by The Herp Project
June 10-12, 2016
Haw River State Park, North Carolina

If you are interested in running a field ecology program centered around reptiles and/or amphibians, come join our National Science Foundation funded Herp Project team of scientists, professors, and experienced student research assistants for a weekend in nature to learn how you can run formal or informal field ecology studies where you work. All participants will be provided with our new curriculum, a copy of The Box Turtle Connection, and other useful materials. We will share our curriculum and expertise, with presentations by local experts, as well as hands-on fieldwork, at the beautiful Haw River State Park.

Please fill out your application form (below) for admission to the program now! We offer free food and lodging at Haw River State Park Lodge for this event! Or you may commute if you prefer. The workshop will begin on Friday June 10th at 5 pm, and finish after lunch on Sunday June 12th. Remember to dress for summer fieldwork in both dry and wet areas, and bring sunscreen and insect repellent along with you.

Please join us! Space is limited to only 24 participants! Send in this application form as soon as possible to assure your spot!

Note: If you are accepted to participate in the program and cannot attend please let us know in time to fill your spot, otherwise there may be a $50 cancellation fee that applies.

The Herp Project: Haw River Curriculum Workshop
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Meals are free of cost to you for this workshop! Do you have any meal preferences or special needs? Please let us know.
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