GMK Voyage IC Feedback Form
Please fill out this form so I can evaluate the needs and desires of those interested. All submissions will be considered.
Not all responses are mandatory.
What other keys would you like to see in the base kit?
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If putting the numpad as its own kit drops the base kit price by $20 or so dollars, would that be ok? *
Are you an ISO user? If so, do you require additional keys?
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Assuming this kit is priced similar to other GMK kits currently ($119-$139), would you buy GMK Voyage as-is? *
Would you like to see collabs, if so what?
When would you like this set to run?
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Not mandatory. Only so I can let you know if/when the GB is starting. Thermal
Obsolete - no need to answer - Besides the base and space bar kits, what other kits would you like to see?
Obsolete - no need to answer - Which modifier mod style would you like to see?
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Aight, I made it this far so we can just go ahead and call this thing GMK Uranus?!?!
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