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Are you particular about the type of chai you like? I know I am!

This is great when I'm at home and have access to my everyday chai mix. But what about if I'm running errands or traveling and need a pick me up? I don't like coffee or soda, so chai is my caffeine source. But there is such a wide range of flavors and types of chai, so how can I make sure I'm buying one I know I'll like?

A couple years ago, I came up with the idea of building a searchable database that would make it easier to find places that sell chai, and it could be filtered by brand, type, flavor, location, etc. Much as I'd love to, I can't be everywhere so this would only be possible through the help of others.

As you visit new locations (or old favorites) and try their chai, enter the info below. It's a dozen quick questions, such as location, city, brand of chai, type, and a range of spicy to sweet. The info will then be used to populate the Chai Finder database.

Thank you for your help in building Chai Finder!
Allison Klump
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