Imam Hiring Survey Questions
We are seeking community feedback on what you want to see in our new Imam. Please give it a minute to send us your valuable suggestion. Strictly one response per person please.
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How many prayers do you attend at Islamic Center of Irving (ICI) *
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What is the MOST IMPORTANT ABILITY of an Imam (Rank top 3)
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3rd Preference
Unite the community and promote brotherhood (lead the diverse community)
Prepare for and deliver quality lectures & Khutbahs to make you a better Muslim
Counseling, Islamic guidance and problem resolution
Youth engagement
Women engagement
Face of the community for all non-ICI affairs
Balanced view towards different schools of thought (fiqh)
Excellent Qur’an recitation
What is the MOST IMPORTANT QUALITY of an imam (Rank Top 3)
1st Preference
2nd Preference
3rd Preference
Outgoing and friendly personality
Empathy (the ability to understand and share the feelings of another)
How often should Imam lead daily prayers *
What is more important *
Regular office hours *
How frequently would you attend short khaterah after salah (4 to 7 mins.) *
How frequently would you attend weekly dars/lecture (20-30 mins on fiqh, tafseer, seerah, Islamic history etc.) *
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