Nordic Kitchen - Workshop
Do you have an idea related to food tech and would like to test it out and get it to market? Nordic Kitchen is cooperation project between Sweden Foodtech, Arctic Startup and Michelsen Confections offering a two day workshop - Free of Charge for food entrepreneurs. Sponsored by Rising North.

The goal of the workshop is to help help food entrepreneurs get their ideas/products to market with more cost effective measures.

Nordic Kitchen project provides shared kitchen facilities in three countries; Sweden, Iceland and Finland and access to experts in the food industry in these three locations. Maximum number of spaces is 10 per country. Ingredients and transport not included.

The workshops will be held as follows:
Helsinki, Finland: 26th of October @ 10-15 and 27th of October @ 10-17 (Deadline has ended)
Reykjavik, Iceland: 2nd of November @ 13-18 and 3rd of November @ 10-17 (Deadline has ended)
Stockolm, Sweden: 9th of November @ 15-20 and 10th of November @ 10-17 (Deadline October 28th)

Deadline for applications to Stockholm, Sweden are still open!

Fill out the form to apply for a spot at the Nordic Kithcen Workshop.

For further information, please contact Eva Michelsen, or +354 692 9440

Read more about the project at

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