By submitting this agreement, I agree to accept (a certain percentage) SPURT for my products/services and accept the T&C of MySPURT.
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I agree to ONLY accept SPURT for my products/services, and NOT function as an exchange office to other currency in any kind by accepting SPURT from clients without selling my products /services. I understand that I would undertake an illegal act if I would do so, for I am not licensed to do so. I also understand that I would lose the ability to work with SPURT forever.
For the SPURT I received for products delivered to my clients, I have two choice:
1. I can USE the received SPURT to buy products /services I need for my business and be compensated 100% in SPURT.
2. I can request SPURT+ Cryptocurrency for the total amount I received in SPURT for my products or services. (They are exchangeable into currency of choice.)
See point 7 in on HOW to open a Cryptocurrency account
I have an Ethereum Cryptocurrency account and will sign the Agreement between New Chances and my company to use SPURT+ Cryptocurrency
If you do not yet have such an account, please open it (see above) BEFORE signing the Agreement, for you have to add this address. See Agreement
I am free to accept a certain percentage up to 100% in SPURT.
I agree and understand that SPURT is digital currency and that people are paying me by transferring to my SPURT account I receive for free by submitting this agreement
I already have a MySPURT account
Add number if you have it.
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I agree and understand that overcharge in SPURT is prohibited and that the price I accept for my products and services is even LOWER as the amount people would need to pay in USD. I understand that the value for SPURT Crypto is higher than the SPURT I receive! (Upto 1 SPURT+ Crypto=1-3 EURO)
If I violate this agreement to protect the value of SPURT and overcharge, I risk losing the ability to convert my SPURT to SPURT+ Crypto.
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I agree that MySPURT is permitted to publish my company name, so that clients know that I will accept SPURT for my products and services. *
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