Congregation T'chiyah Return to In-Person Survey
The ingenuity, flexibility and generosity of our community members has enabled T'chiyah to make an almost-seamless pivot to entirely virtual synagogue life for over a year now. Thank you for rolling with the changes and keeping our community connections strong!

As our community becomes more widely vaccinated, and the warmer weather makes outdoor options more inviting, the T'chiyah Board would like solicit community member input on questions of safer "re-opening" and in-person gatherings.

The responses to this survey will be viewable by: T'chiyah staff, Board, and the COVID-19 Advisory Committee convened by Pres. Mary Ellen Gurewitz, consisting of Marsha Goldsmith Kamin as a healthcare administrator and local synagogue consultant, Oakland County Health Department epidemiologist Lauren Fink, and Drs. Daphna Stroumsa, Shira Heisler & Elijah Silver.  

If you have any questions or need tech support on this survey, contact Jake at
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