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Hi! We're the Newton South Science Team. We are starting a middle school mentorship program to give students an introduction to high school science. This year, middle school students in Newton did not get the science education they needed because of COVID-19. It would be beneficial for students who are going into high school if they have some general knowledge of the material and know some interesting information for science classes. Many of us wish we had mentors who were interested in science, so we want to give other younger students this opportunity. In this program, students will learn the basics of physics, chemistry, and biology, and explore additional topics that are related to high school science courses. This is also a place for students to ask questions about science and high school in general, while getting acquainted with Science Team members. We not only know the curriculum very well, but we are also a caring bunch that love helping others. This program is not designed to teach as much of the high school science curriculum as possible, instead it is more of an introductory and preparatory class. Our program is geared towards middle school students entering the NPS high school science curriculum, but anyone interested in the wonders of science is welcome to join. If you or your child are interested, please fill this form out!
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