St. Peter's Park Community Engagement Form
A coalition of Pleasant Ridge residents is working together to re-envision St. Peter's Park, the space between St. Peter's Church and Architectural Art Glass Studio on Ridge Avenue. This survey is just part of an ongoing effort to lift all voices in the neighborhood to be engaged with the vision for this public space. This survey will be live until Sunday, May 19th.
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VISION STATEMENT: "Create a safe, welcoming and functional low maintenance gathering space in the heart of Pleasant Ridge that fosters diverse relationships and community engagement now and for generations to come." How much do you agree or disagree with this Vision Statement created by a coalition of Pleasant Ridge residents?
VISION STATEMENT: What would you add or remove from the above Vision Statement?
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SITE INVENTORY - What makes the St. Peter's Park site as it is today special and worth incorporating in a re-envisioned park?
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NEIGHBORHOOD INVENTORY - What makes Pleasant Ridge a special place that could be celebrated or enhanced in this park?
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HISTORY INVENTORY - What memories do you have at this site or in this part of the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood that could be celebrated or memorialized in this park?
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THINK BIG (or small) - Describe an activity or event you could imagine yourself, your family, your friends, neighbors or fellow parishioners (either individually or together) participating in at St. Peter's Park.
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ADDITIONAL COMMENTS - Please list additional comments or concerns about this project that you have.
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If you would like to be invited to a public workshop to more specifically give input and to be added to future communication about this project, please fill in your contact information below.
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