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The mission of the Alaska Native Birthworkers Community is to serve Native birthing families to feel supported, well cared for, and full of the information they need to make confident choices around reproductive health, birthing, and parenthood. We offer free services to Indigenous birthing people in Alaska, by their direct request, as an additional support person during pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and/or during other reproductive health events.

We welcome support requests from our community, and we will use the following criteria to prioritize support:
The birthing person identifies as Native or Indigenous AND one or more of the following applies:
- The birthing person is leaving their home community in rural Alaska to give birth, OR
- The birthing person has limited or no local support, OR
- The birthing person is seeking cultural connections, OR
- The birthing person will be giving birth for the first time OR
- The birthing person has any health risk factor (for example a high-risk medical condition, history of trauma, mental health disorder, high-risk social situation).

We also offer support for other reproductive health experiences. Please email with your specific support request if this form does not apply to you.

If you are unsure about your eligibility for our services, please complete the form or e-mail us and we will follow up with you. We are also happy to help make referrals to other doula services.

Completing this form does not guarantee that we will be able to match you with a birthworker, but we will try our best! 

If you are in need of immediate care for birth support, please call our on call number 907-744-2777 to get connected with a birthworker today.

For more information please visit or You can email with any questions.
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It is best if the birthing person can complete the electronic form themselves. However, if that is not possible, this form can be completed by someone making the referral on their behalf, with their consent. If you are making a referral, please fill out the form using the information of the person seeking services:
Full name: *
Do you identify as Native or Indigenous? *
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If requesting postpartum support, when did you give birth?
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Please briefly share about what support system you currently have, who else will attend your birth (if applicable), and what additional support you are looking for from ANBC: *
Please share any other information you would like us to know about regarding your identity, family, reproductive history, current pregnancy, birth plan, postpartum care plan, etc.
Who is your emergency contact (name, pronouns, relationship, phone number, email address)?
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The Alaska Native Birthworkers Community also provides other services to birthing families. Please share your ideas for events, community activities or other supportive services we could consider offering:
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If you are in need of immediate care for birth support, please call our on call number 907-744-2777 to get connected with a birthworker today.
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