FSA 2024 Judge and Staff Pre-Registration
REGISTRATION FOR FSA PARTNER COMPANIES ONLY - Sadly we can not accept applicants who are not joining with a FSA Partner Company for 2024 anymore.


So you want to become a part of FSA? Nice to hear!

FSA will take place at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg from 20th of July to the 26th of July 2024.

Just fill out the form below and we will contact you in a few weeks.

This Pre-Registration will be followed by the Final Registration a couple of weeks prior to FSA where we will clarify a few more details with you and share more info about the event.

You will not receive any automated answer summary -  please note your answers! Especially for your availability.
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1. I want to join FSA as... *
1.1 If your Company is a FSA partner please answer:
I will join as
Info for Judges only
At FSA, it's quite common that judges help with general tasks as well. Most of them enjoy being part of the competition rather than being a spectator only after their judging duties. e.g. last year some of the judges worked as track marshals at the endurance or helped prepare lunch.
2. If you want to join as a Judge would you be willing to help spontaneously with other tasks?
3. What do you exactly want to do at FSA? *
Please check all boxes that apply. If you have questions about the tasks please send an E-Mail to hr@fsaustria.at
Engineering Design Judge
Business Presentation Judge
Cost Judge
Media Team
General Staff
Scoring Support (Excel skills appreciated)
Happy to prepare delicious food for everyone and be the most liked person during the event! (Kitchen + Shopping Crew)
Sprinter Driver #1 - Logistics Team (Driverslicense required)
4.1 ED Judge Category
If applying as an "Engineering Design" judge please choose the appropriate category if possible. Only required for "Engineering Design" judges.
Frame and Body / Composites
Electronics and System Management
Ergonomics, Control, Safety
IC Engine and Drivetrain - Drivetrain
IC Engine and Drivetrain - Engine
Tractive System and Drivetrain - Inverter
Tractive System and Drivetrain - Motor + Drivetrain
Tractive System and Drivetrain - Accumulator
Suspension and Brakes - Tyres
Suspension and Brakes - Kinematics, Springs, Dampers
Suspension and Brakes - Vehicle Dynamics
I can judge
4.2 If you want to attend as Scruti and/or Judge: How well do you know the rules?

1= I know them well enough I could answer Registration Quiz Questions right now
2 = Was well informed in my active season and I try to keep up with changes in my field of expertice
3 = Was well informed in my active season and know about the really big changes
4 = Rules were never really my thing
5= There are Rules?
Clear selection
5. I have attended FSA in previous years as staff/judge. *
5.1 If you answered "YES" to question #5 --> Tell us about your previous tasks at FSA and what other tasks you are interested in!
5.2 If you answered "NO" to question #5 --> Why do you think you qualify for the Position you applied for?
Please briefly describe your FSAE and/or industry background
Info: In 2024, FSA will start on Saturday again. Also, we need some people for the camping clean up on friday morning (approx. 10:30 am to 1 pm).
6. On which days are you available? *
Please try to estimate arrival and departure days as accurate as possible. We'll rely on this data for planning.

If something changes you can change the dates in the final registration a few weeks ahead of FSA or let us know via hr@fsaustria.at

We placed some hints when you should arrive and how long you should stay ;)

You will not receive any automated answer summary -  please note your answers! Especially for your availability.
7. Do you have additional qualifications?
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