March for Science organizing reports
Tell us how you and your chapter are organizing to give Science for the People a presence at the March for Science on April 14th. We'll be publishing a summary of all contributions following the March on Feel free to make contributions before and/or after the weekend. Deadline is Sunday, April 22nd.

Reports need not be in final publishable form as we will be editing them into a single final report. Anything from rough numbers, lists of chants or slogans up to fully-made arguments and assessments either by the author or through quotes are acceptable.

Your name
Your location (city, state)
How is your Science for the People chapter participating in the March for Science?
Does your organizing around the March for Science involve building capacity with other groups?
Did your chapter participate in the March for Science last year? What is the same/different between this year and last year?
What are your main challenges to organizing in the scientific community? Are these challenges specific to the March for Science?
What political and scientific issues is your SftP chapter organizing around at the March? What aspects of the March for Science--and scientists organizing in general--do you think it's most crucial for Science for the People to respond to?
Any additional information you'd like to provide? Chants or slogans, quotes from attendees, etc?
Share images of your presence at the M4S! Please note: all files uploaded may be shared on Science for the People's website ( or social media channels.
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