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We welcome K-20 educators in any field who are interested in learning more about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Our ultimate goal is to cultivate collaboration and excellence among Arizona STEM teachers in order to promote self-confidence and success for our students​. Please complete this form to join our group and receive messages about upcoming events. Joining is FREE!
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Survey of Needs
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It is important to me to be a member of a community of STEM educators.
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not satisfied
extremely satisfied
I have received training in STEM pedagogy sufficient to serve my needs as an educator.
received no training
received a great deal of training
I am satisfied with the amount and quality of inquiry-driven activities I use in my classroom.
dissatisfied with amount of inquiry
very satisfied with current level of inquiry
I am happy with the amount of interaction and engagement by students in my classes.
unhappy with amount of student engagement
very happy with current level of student engagement
I am satisfied with the amount and quality of hands-on activities and experiments I use in my classroom.
need more high quality activities
very satisfied with current activities
I feel prepared to implement newer standards (such as Common Core, Career and College Readiness Standards, or Next Generation Science Standards) in my classes.
we realize current status of some standards is uncertain in Arizona, but still feel this is an important consideration for teacher development
not prepared
extremely prepared
My school administration is supportive of my pedagogical growth.
not supportive
extremely supportive
I have access to commonly used STEM assessments to measure growth of my students and inform my teaching practice.
e.g. Classroom Test of Scientific Reasoning, Energy Concept Inventory, Force Concept Inventory
no access or awareness of such assessments
regularly use such assessments
I am satisfied with the observation and evaluation system used at my school.
not satisfied/concerned about efficacy of system
extremely satisfied with current system
Please comment on further needs or interests relating to STEM education you would like to see addressed by STEMteachersPHX.
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