Community Roots Community Garden Policy
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Each gardener is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their garden plot. Watering, weeding, harvesting and any other garden related maintenance are all the responsibility of the gardener. Gardeners may arrange for other gardeners to water their plots. Any violence, incivility or disruptive behavior towards another gardener, another gardening plot, Community Roots staff or patrons will result in removal from the community gardens. Unless arranged directly, gardeners should water their own plot only. Do not water any plots without speaking directly to the plot gardener. Gardeners may harvest vegetables and flowers from their garden only. A limited number of tools, hoses and watering equipment will be available in the community garden storage area in the greenhouse. Gardeners must return all tools borrowed from the community tool storage area. If any plot remains unattended for more than four weeks or has weeds that are going to seed without notification and arrangements with Community Roots regarding garden absence, that plot is subject to immediate reassignment.Composting is available for garden waste and limited amounts of food waste prohibiting meats, fats, oils, breads, and weeds that have gone to seed. The application of commercial herbicides (weed killers) to the garden plots is prohibited without approval. Violation will result in immediate plot reassignment.Assignment of garden plots will be awarded by a first-come-first-served basis until all plots are reserved.. For the 2020 growing season, gardeners may reserve more than one plot on a space-available basis, however, Community Roots reserves the right to restrict gardeners to one plot per individual/family/gardening group. At the end of the growing season, gardeners are responsible for clearing their plot of all plant material, except perennials and cover crops. Any produce left will be collected for donation.The Community Garden is open dawn until dusk- for your safety, only garden during daylight hours.By signing below, gardener agrees to all policies at penalty of plot reassignment. *
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