Art Application Form - Dutch Decompression 2019
Welcome beautiful Burner! You've found the Dutch Decompression 2019 Art Application Form.

We're thrilled you wanna participate with your awesome art project. With your crazy contribution, the 6th edition of the Dutch Decom is set to inspire, smash boundaries and offer fresh perspectives for us all.

• Date: Saturday 9 November 2019
• Times: Day programme @ 13.00 til 21.00, Night programme @ 21.00 til 07.00
• Venue: Radion, Amsterdam

Remember to keep the 10 Burning Man Principles in mind as you create your impelling art. The Principles are at the core of our community. You can read more here

Art Grant Application:
This year Burning Man Netherlands will gift a small number of grants to partially fund specific art projects at the Dutch Decom event in the Netherlands. Here's the form for this

You must submit this form by 4th November 2019 at 23:59 hrs, as we build our Dutch Decom Playa with your creation in mind.
If you'd like to apply for funding, you must also submit the Art Grant Application Form (see link above) by 4th November 2019 at 23:59 hrs.

Give us as much insight into your vision as possible so we can support the dream.

And with that, now that you've found a "thing", go forth and create!

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Title of your project *
Indoor or outdoor *
Where would you like to see your art? Is it made for outdoors or is it more of an inside instalment?
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