Latin Maxims & Phrases - Quiz #11
12 multiple choice questions with one option correct of 1 point each.
“Interest ______, ut sit finis litium.”
Hint: It is to the advantage of the State that there should be a limit to lawsuits.
1 point
“Invito ______ non datur.”
Hint: A benefit is not conferred upon an unwilling recipient.
1 point
“In ______ chartarum non quod dictum sed quod factum est inspicitur.”
Hint: In the delivery of deeds, not what was said at the time, but what was done, must be looked at.
1 point
“Ineertam et caducam ______ relevant.”
Hint: They take tip again a doubtful and lapsed inheritance.
1 point
“In testamentus plenius testatoris ______ scrutamur.”
Hint: In wills we seek more especially for the testator's intention.
1 point
“Judicis est ______ secundum allegata et probata.”
Hint: It is the duty of a judge to decide according to facts alleged and proved.
1 point
“In testamentis plenius voluntates testantium ______.”
Hint: In wills the wishes of testators are more liberally expounded.
1 point
“In sooietatis ______ fides exuberet.”
Hint: The strictest good faith must be exercised in partnership transactions.
1 point
“Jura publica ______ privatis.”
Hint: Public rights are to be preferred to private ones.
1 point
“Judices non tenetur exprimere causam ______ suae.”
Hint: Judges are not compelled to give reason for their opinions; i.e. judgments or sentences.
1 point
“Injuria non excusat ______.”
Hint: One wrong does not justify another.
1 point
“______ est jus dicere non dare.”
Hint: It is for the judge to administer, not to make the law.
1 point
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