IIMAvericks' Meet 2013
Greetings from CIIE at IIMA!

IIMA invites you to celebrate and recognize all those from IIMA who have taken the road less trodden to undertake their entrepreneurial endeavours. The event, previously held in 2008 also provided an excellent opportunity to network and learn from well-known IIMA entrepreneurs and those members of the IIMA Community who constitute an important segment of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

While the prime focus of CIIE is to foster innovation driven entrepreneurship in the country through incubation, research and teaching, it has celebrated all entrepreneurial endeavours - initiatives that have resulted in IIMA alumni and current students following their passions in art, writing, politics, social enterprises and creation of business enterprises. We now wish to provide a platform for such IIMA Mavericks to meet and excite others on campus to take the paths less trodden.

So block your calendars for this exciting event that would provide many opportunities for fun & games and intellectual stimulation through networking and long conversations with [or without tea ;) ]. We will intersperse this fun and frolic with very few formal structured interactions. Apart from the IIMA Mavericks, we will have other members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem as well to add some spice.

IIMA has been at the forefront of entrepreneurial initiatives in every walk of life. Let us celebrate that through this event and encourage many more to leave more trails blazing!

Who knows you might also just end up meeting an old friend or two! :)

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Dates: 26th and 27th January 2013
Venue: IIM Ahmedabad

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