The Charities Sponsorship Fund Application Form
Before beginning, please note the Eligibility Criteria:

1. The maximum amount granted to any junior member (JCR or MCR member) in any one application is £200.

2. For team fundraising, team members would need to make separate applications if asking for more than £200.

3. The Merton College Junior Members Charities Committee is allowed to give up to one fifth of the term's charitable fundraising per term to applicants. If your application is successful, you may get all or some of the money, depending on the number of applicants that term.

4. Applications must show that other sources of funding are also being sought, and grants from the Sponsorship Fund will not be more than 50% of the total raised for the activity.

5. The money must go to charities which the Charities Committee can reasonably expect that the junior members' common rooms would support; no funding should go to inefficient charities, ones doing work of questionable value, or to charities which carry out religious or political activities (though charities with a religious background doing non-religious work will not be excluded).

6. Unless there is a very compelling reason, all charities which we support should be registered with the Charities Commission or similar body.

7. We support charities, not people; applications must be for sponsorship money that will go directly to a charity, rather than (for example) rent and food while the student volunteers. The Charities Committee will therefore prefer applications where our money is donated directly to the charity, rather than going via the student.

8. Preference will be given to students who must raise a specific amount of money in order to organise, attend or participate in their event.

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