DHA Foster Application
Thank you for your interest in fostering for Delaware Humane Association! Please be sure to fill out the following with as much detail as possible so we can match you up with the right foster when we have a need. People like you make our world go 'round and we are beyond appreciative of your help! Out of consideration for our team's time and effort, please only submit an application if you are absolutely ready and able to foster. Due to the urgency a pet must be placed in foster, we ask that you respond within 24 hours of being contacted.

Due to the incredible amount of support nationwide, we may have limited needs at this time. Any dog who still needs foster or needs new placement will be listed here: delawarehumane.org/dogs-needing-foster. Any cat who still needs foster or needs new placement will be listed here: delawarehumane.org/cats-needing-foster. Please note that we are continually responding to other current fosters and potential adopters and any animal’s status could change at any time. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
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Dogs 1-7yo
Cats 1-7yo
Dogs 7yo+
Cats 7yo+
Puppies (orphaned newborns)
Kittens (orphaned newborns)
Puppies (weaned)
Kittens (weaned)
Pregnant cats
Nursing cats with kittens
Pregnant dogs
Nursing dogs with puppies
Heartworm positive dogs (typically 2-3 months)
Medical cases
Behavior cases
Behavior cases with bite history
Holiday Foster (typically 3-7 days)
Breakaway Buddy (typically 2 weeks)
Emergency Foster (unknown length of time: in the event of clearing out the shelter due to extreme weather, etc)
Is there a specific pet you were interested in fostering (include name/A#)?
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Are you able to provide reliable transport to and from DHA for appointments? *
How did you learn about Delaware Humane Association? *
Do you have any preferences in gender, size, activity level, etc to foster? *
What experience do you have, if any? *
While we cannot guarantee any foster length at this time, do you have a maximum timeframe or other limitations that would require your foster to come back sooner than needed? *
Do you have other pets or kids? *
Tell us about ALL members of your household, including yourself (please provide age of people + species/breed/age of pets): *
Do you have frequent visitors? *
How active is your household? *
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Tell us what type of home you live in: *
Does your home have a fenced yard or area (provide type, height, etc or indicate N/A if you're looking to foster felines)? *
Tell us about your current pets' personality, if they are indoor/outdoor, and if you are able to provide a Rabies certificate prior to a dog meeting OR indicate no current pets: *
Tell us about your experience/history with previous pets (provide species, breed, length of ownership, reason pet is no longer with you OR indicate first time with pet as adult): *
Are you confident your current pets will accept a new pet into the home (note: we always recommend slow introductions)? *
Are you able to keep your foster in a separate area of the house when necessary (indicate where/how in "other" section)? *
How many hours each day will the pet be WITHOUT people? What is your general plan for exercise/helping them adjust? *
Where will the pet be kept during the day and night? *
Please list your veterinarian OR indicate none at this time: *
What issues do you have prior experience with? *
What potential issues do you feel unprepared for? *
Aside from food which we provide, what supplies will you need? *
If your foster fits in with your home, do you have any potential to adopt? If so, are you prepared to let us know/adopt within 2 weeks and are you aware of their adoption fee? *
Is there anything else you'd like to share with us OR do you have any additional questions?
I have done/understand the following: *
I have completed and submitted a general volunteer application via DHA's website (delawarehumane.org).
I am at least 18-years-old (must provide ID at time of foster pick-up).
All members of my household agree to foster.
I understand that if I am contacted and I do not respond within 24 hours OR I am unable to schedule a foster appointment immediately, my application may no longer be considered for the pet I've been contacted about.
While DHA will put forward their best efforts to find a match, I understand I am not guaranteed to foster an animal.
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