RPG in a Box Showcase Submission
Please fill out the fields below to submit your game to the official RPG in a Box showcase! In order to best demonstrate the diversity of what can be created with the engine, games submitted should be using custom assets (as opposed to the assets included in the sample game). You can check out the showcase on the official website here: https://www.rpginabox.com/games

The title of your game, creator name, status, genre, and at least one screenshot are required. Your e-mail address will not be shared and will only be used if I need to follow up on anything. I'd like to include as many of the community's games as possible, but please note that I will not include a game if it's found to be offensive or distasteful.

Thank you so much for your submission! :)
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Please include a URL (e.g. Imgur or other image hosting site) for at least one screenshot of your game, up to a total of 5 if desired. These should be taken directly from the game without any extra text, logos, effects, etc. and should be at least 1280x720 in size, if possible.
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