Pre-Meeting Survey – FuTRES Conference  August 11-13
To ensure the most productive use of time during the conference, please: 1) respond to this survey before the meeting, and 2) review others' responses. The survey will take about a half-hour to complete. We realize that this is a significant request of time. However, this information will allow us to focus the discussion during the meeting, and to reduce overall hours spent in large-group ZOOM sessions.

If you are not familiar with FuTRES, please first check out this summary of the project.

Thank you!
·   Please respond to the survey items below by August 6.
·   Please review all participants’ survey responses by August 11.      

Thank you for your time! We look forward to further discussing your responses during the conference.                    

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1. What would motivate you to search and download data from FuTRES for your own projects?                             (Enter list of items below. Examples might include: Engaging with others' data; Working with other researchers; Working with other disciplines; Creating convergent science and/or "big data" projects; Using a tool to store uniform data.)
2. What would motivate you to put your data into FuTRES?                                                                                 (Enter list of items below. Examples might include: Guarantee of attribution; DOI for a published dataset; Easy to use submission interface; Support mapping traits and metadata to ontologies; Opportunity to collaborate on a project in process when you have relevant data.)
3. What future work are you envisioning that could benefit from FuTRES?                                                       (Enter your response below.)
4. With FuTRES as a tool, list three ways that you could (or would like to) engage other disciplines/areas of study with your own work. (Enter your response below.)
5. With FuTRES as a tool, what are your ideas for engaging “moon shot” (interdisciplinary, convergent, far-reaching, visionary) scientific research? (Enter your response below.)
6. What other comments or questions would you like to submit in advance of the meeting? (Enter your response below.)
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