Livable and Sustainable Communities
Columbia Imagined is the City's comprehensive land use plan, adopted by City Council in 2013. Five plan elements were identified. Each plan element contains policies, strategies, and action items. The next page will show a graphic detailing how policies, strategies, and action items are structured. The following two pages show an infographic explaining the Comprehensive Plan's next step, timeline, major accomplishments, and strategy prioritization from 2013. This is helpful to review before continuing the survey.

The plan element "Livable and Sustainable Communities" contains four policies, eight strategies, and twenty two action items. Below is a survey asking if the "Livable and Sustainable Communities" strategies and action items identified in 2013 are still important today.

Please rank your responses on the scale of strongly disagree to strongly agree. This survey should take about 15 minutes.

Policy, Strategy, and Action Item Structure
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