Pelvic Floor Function Questionnaire
This assessment is to determine if you may have pelvic floor dysfunction.  
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Instructions: Please check or select "yes" for ALL items that apply to your situation.
I sometimes have pelvic pain (in genitals, perineum, pubic, or bladder area, or pain with urination)that exceeds a ‘3’ on a 1-10 pain scale with 10 being the worst pain imaginable. *
I can remember falling onto my tailbone, lower back or buttocks (even in childhood). *
I sometimes experience one or more of the following urinary symptoms: *
I often or occasionally have to get up to urinate two or more times a night. *
I sometimes have a feeling of increased pelvic pressure or the sensation of my pelvic organs slipping down or falling out. *
I have history or pain in my low back, hip, groin, or tailbone or have sciatica. *
I sometimes experience one or more of the following bowel symptoms: *
I sometimes experience pain or discomfort with sexual activity or intercourse. *
Sexual activity increases one or more of my other symptoms. *
Prolonged sitting increases my symptoms. *
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Congratulations- You are one step closer to finding the right solution for your problem.
We will reach out to you via your preferred method of contact within the next 24-48 business hours Monday - Friday.
Any information shared on this form including all personal details will not be used in any other way than to contact you regarding your results. Pelvic Dysfunction Screening Protocol form by Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, WCS, CSCS* and Jesse Cozean, MBA.

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