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Welcome to the University of Bohol Flying Lemurs Volleyball Team / Legacy Volleyball League SUMMER VOLLEYBALL CAMP 2019. This is the third installation of our Summer Volleyball Camps.

Our objective is to introduce, teach, develop and enhance each of the primary volleyball skills: serving, receiving, passing, setting, and attacking. Fundamental skills development will be learned through specific drills and will gradually increase from day to day.

Participants from ages 10 years old and above will have the opportunity to learn essential skills through FUN games and activities acquiring the necessary skills to advance in the sport.

Aside from developing the physical skills of the participant, the Camp will also randomly include values and leadership sessions which the league believes to be useful in developing the full potential of an athlete.

The Training Camp will require the participants to complete 12 sessions. Each session will run for 2 hours. Players will be trained by a licensed Coach who has the experience in training and developing athletes in the sport from the grassroots up to the collegiate level. Varsity players with National competition experience will assist in the conduct of the drills to ensure maximum supervision and management of the drills.

Registration Fee is P1,500 inclusive of the following;

- 12 - 2hrs FUN Training Sessions
- Bring Home Exercises
- 1 Parent to Coach Session
- 1 Volleyball (Sunsport)
- 1 Summer Camp Shirt
- Leadership and Character Building Sessions
- Full participation in a One-day Culmination Tournament

*Certificate of completion will be given to all participants after the camp.

The Summer Volleyball Camp will start on April 26 until all 12 sessions will be completed. A preliminary orientation will be done on April 25 at 11:45 AM at the UB Gymnasium for the last adjustments. Sessions will tentatively start at 7:30 AM and will end at 9:30 AM (Tentative Schedule) depending on the number of participants who will register.

The venue will either be at the UB Gymnasium or at the UB Quadrangle (or otherwise changed/transferred due to circumstances out of our control).

Note that only paid participants will be allowed to join the camp.

Should you choose to enroll in our Training Camp please fill out the necessary information in the succeeding sections of this page.

After completing this online form, we will be sending you the necessary forms for your payment which will be done at the UB Finance Office.

Thank you and keep the ball flying!

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