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Leadership Nominations

From February 15 through March 15, members of SDPC may nominate men who are members in good standing of our congregation for the office of Elder and Deacon, to serve a 3-year term beginning January of 2022. Our bylaws provide for a 3-year rotating term of active service for ordained officers. Deacons and Elders are members of this Church elected to serve for a three (3) year term. A Leader can serve a total of two (2) consecutive terms; one (1) year off is required before an Elder or Deacon is eligible for another term.
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Biblical Qualifications for Elders and Deacons
We have openings, but the key is to keep the biblical qualifications in mind and nominate only those men who exhibit spiritual maturity and are willing to stand for election in November.

Prayerfully review the following list of character traits for Elders and Deacons found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1:

Above Reproach: Exhibiting high moral integrity in attitudes, actions, and relationships.

A Faithful Husband: Devoted to one woman and exemplary in his married relationship.

Temperate: Has his appetites under control. Does not act irrationally or impulsively.

Prudent: Exhibits wise judgment in all his affairs.

Hospitable: Welcoming and compassionate. Makes his home a comfortable place for friends and strangers alike.

Not Addicted to Wine: Exhibits self-control regarding food, drink or any substance.

Not Contentious or Strong-Minded: Has temper under control; not spiteful, bitter or argumentative in nature, but gentle, humble, and teachable.

Free From Love of Money: Actions not motivated by financial gain; gives generously; practices good stewardship.

Manages Household Well: Keeps family priorities well, and maintains proper discipline with his children. His children and wife show love and respect for him.

Not a New Convert: Has mature faith and has demonstrated consistent, faithful behavior over a significant time.

Good Reputation Outside the Church: Respected by those outside the church for his wisdom and integrity.

Devout: Strong personal relationship with Christ demonstrated by his own spiritual disciplines in prayer, Bible reading, church attendance, etc.

Wife is Worthy of Respect: She is self-controlled and trustworthy, not a “malicious talker”.

Able to Teach (Elder Nominees): Able to instruct in sound doctrine and refute error.

Starting in March, nominees will begin to undergo a period of training and examination which will be determined by the Session. Those qualified in this process will then be presented to the congregation for election. Scripture teaches us that Elders are called and ordained to the ministry of shepherding and servant leadership in the church. Elders must be men of prayer, able to teach and apply the Scriptures effectively.

They are to tend to the spiritual needs of the church, building up, encouraging and teaching the people, correcting the wayward, protecting the church from false teaching, and guiding the church toward the accomplishment of its God-given calling and objectives.

Deacons are called to the ministry of serving the physical needs of the church. Their ministry requires a compassion for people, attention to detail in managing the finances of the church, diligence in maintaining the church facility, and wisdom in extending mercy and support to needy church members and, whenever appropriate, to the community.

Both offices, Elder and Deacon, require a deep understanding of God’s Word and an ability to apply it to the challenges the church faces, as well as a sincere heart for evangelism. Faithfulness and effectiveness in significant ministry roles within the church is good evidence of God’s calling to leadership.
Current Elders and Deacons
Current Elders
Aaron Neff — 2nd term expires Jan 2022
Jeff Wolff — 1st term expires Jan 2022
Jeff Jacobsen — 1st term expires Jan 2023
Lowell Tenpas — 1st term expires Jan 2023
Shahram Parvani — 1st term expires Jan 2024

Current Deacons
Norm Beebe — 1st term expires Jan 2022
Jeff Hartman — 1st term expires Jan 2023
Matt Hartshorne — 1st term expires Jan 2023
Todd Henry — 1st term expires Jan 2023
Erich Schubert — 1st term expires Jan 2023
Ken Owens — 2nd term expires Jan 2024
Jeff Stratton — 2nd term expires Jan 2024
Guidelines and Deadline
Please make sure that your nominee is aware that you are nominating them. They will need to sign a form later on to acknowledge that they are being nominated.

All nominations must be submitted by Monday, March 15, 2021.

If you would like to submit another person, please submit another form.
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