SURVEY: DOB Sign-off and Gas Authorization Requests
This survey is to be completed by an NYC licensed plumber.

Thank you for participating in this survey. As you may already be aware, the NYC DOB began an enforcement program in 2016 which targets plumbers with "high rates" of denials of their sign off and gas authorization requests. The below survey is to gather more information from the industry on whether you have been issued a violation, whether you have settled and on what terms, the reason for the denials that were subject of the violation, what your overall "rate" of denials is, and what feedback you may have for DOB regarding the system and processes in place to make it more clear and streamlined for the industry to comply with codes, rules, and policies. Your email address will not be identified to DOB unless you consent.

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Have you or the LMP you work for received a summons from DOB alleging a violation of NYC Administrative Code §28-401.19 based on a high rate of sign off request/gas authorization request denials? *
If you have not received a summons mentioned above, how concerned are you about this enforcement program? *
Has your concern with the enforcement program caused you to change the way you submit? Please answer YES or NO and explain how. If this enforcement program has impacted your productivity, please explain how. *
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What was the percentage or number (1/100) of requests that were denied that were subject of the violation issued by DOB? (If no violation, put N/A) *
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Is the negotiation and/or litigation with DOB ongoing or have you settled (signed a stipulation)? *
If settled, what were the terms of settlement? Suspension/ revocation/ fine? *
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If ongoing, how long has the process taken thus far? *
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Please check off any/all reasons your sign off requests (that were subject of the summons referenced herein) were denied. *
Please tell us in more detail the reasons your sign off requests were denied, based on the boxes you checked above. *
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Please provide feedback on the sign-off / gas authorization request process. Please be specific. *
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Are you willing to share your summons? If so, please email it to and write in the Subject: Survey Response
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Any other relevant feedback.
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