Prequalifying Coaching Questionnaire
Well hello there...tell us a little about yourself! Please pick the answer that BEST describes you or your situation. This questionnaire will give us the information we need to best assist you with your business challenges, so please be as thorough and honest as possible. The more info we have, the better we can help! :)
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The following best describes me: *
How long have you been in business? *
What is the name of the business? *
What kind of business is it? *
What is the business's website address? *
Have you ever been on any of Marley's webinars or podcasts, heard her speak, watched her YouTube channel, or read her book or blog? *
If you answered "Yes" to the question above, what were your "aha" moments? (Just put N/A if you answered no.)
What THREE obstacles do you STILL need to clear in order to reach your desired level of financial success? (In other words, what might still be "in your way?") *
Why do you think you haven't cleared those obstacles already? (Take your best guess and be as honest as possible so we can help you the most!) *
Scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most annoyed, how annoyed are you with the current business issues you're having? *
I'm not at all annoyed. Life is a dream!
I'm so freaking annoyed, I could spit nails.
Scale of 1-10, with 10 being psychotically motivated to fix this stuff now, how motivated are you? *
I'm acutally not particularly motivated at all.
I could not be any more motivated. I'm desperate to fix this stuff!
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