Application for membership: Ella Baker School of Transformative Organising
Our ambitions are to:

a) reacquaint organising with politics (and politics with organising)

b) develop imaginative training materials for industrial or community organising based on examples of struggle in the UK (and then open source them)

c) create a network of trained trainers to deliver this training.

We hope in this way to 'give light' in the firm belief that 'the people will find a way'.

We believe in the philosophy: 'each one teach one', meaning that when we learn we should also try to share that knowledge. We therefore welcome both supporting members, with little or no experience of organising, but hope all our supporters will over time develop their skills and become 'organiser/trainer' members. Whatever your experience, join us on a journey to develop and deliver the very best training in organising that will help transform our world for the better.

You can view our constitution here:

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There are two categories of membership, 'supporting' membership which requires no previous experience of organising or training, and 'organiser/trainer' membership which is for those who are already competent organisers or trainers. Which level of membership are you applying for (you can always change your category later)?
If you have applied for Organiser/Trainer membership please use the space below to briefly outline your experience as an organiser and/or trainer.
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If you work, or have worked, as a organiser or trainer, please share your experience below.
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The minimum payment for employed supporters is £2 per month paid by standing order to our bank account (or £24 per year if you prefer), but we do welcome higher rates from those who can afford it. Account Name: Ella Baker School of Transformative Organising. Sort code: 60-20-32. Account number: 42218217. If you are on a low income or unemployed, the rate drops to £1 per month, and if you cannot afford that, then email us to agree an appropriate rate (which in appropriate cases may be zero). Please indicate below what you will be paying (and then set up your payment):
Please use the space below to explain what motivates you to support the work of the school.
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Would you volunteer to deliver training on our behalf (we can train you to do this)?
Would you volunteer to develop training materials for us (we can network you with others who are interested)?
Would you be interested in convening a discussion group in your town/city (we can support you in getting started and help promote your initiative)?
We are planning to make our materials 'open source' and to do this, we need them to be reviewed. Each training module takes between two and four hours to review (essentially checking that the materials makes sense to someone new to the subject, and that they focus on exploring questions, rather than simply presenting answers). If you would like to volunteer to help review materials please indicate below
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