Application for Project RED
This is the Project RED (Repairs for Elderly and Disabled) application. If you have any questions when filling out this form, please email
First and Last Name *
Address *
Phone Number *
How long have you lived in Monroe County, TN? *
Do you own the home and the land it is on? *
Do you have homeowners' insurance on this home/property? *
Have you, or anyone in the home, been served by Project RED before? If so, when? *
List ALL household residents with Social Security Numbers, Dates of Birth, and ALL sources of income. (Include Yourself) *
Is this an emergency? *
Can you provide a doctor's statement of need? *
What is the nature of the work to be done? (Check all that apply.) *
Describe the work that needs to be done. *
Are you okay with trustees from the Monroe County Sheriffs Department doing work on your home with supervision? *
Please acknowledge the following with an electronic signature by typing your first and last name: I state that the information I provided is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that this application does not guarantee I will recieve any assistance. I understand that age and situation are both taken into consideration. I understand that I will have to provide supporting documents to show proof of income, residence, and identity. I understand that there will be background checks taken for this application. *
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