Bobbie is the wife of Dr. Steven DavidSon who leads the nation's (United States) largest (Stand Alone) virtual Church ministry reaching 2 million a month with more than 40,000, 24 hours a day in attendance world-wide, including 18 web-site Christ-based Enterprise to support the Saints. The ministry is in its 29th year. Bobbie is a 4th Stage Cancer Champion, and a marvelous person of kindness, and giving. As you look through our gifts, select one that will continue the kindness and giving Jesus lives and shines through Bobbie.
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Thanks for considering a contribution to Amazing Things The Church.  Our gift to you is only a gesture for your generosity, Please use the gift as a display, to give to someone else, or use yourself.  As a gift I'll not return it.  My gift is designed for me, it takes about 3 weeks. *
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If you just desire to make a contribution to reaching and teaching people in-Christ, World-wide each day. Acts 1:8.
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Thanks for your contribution to Amazing Things The Church. Use our gift to you as a display, to give to someone else, or to use yourself if possible.  Remember, no returns.  
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