Supporting Leadership at UAF
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Dear President Johnsen, Provost Henrichs, Vice Provost Schlutt, Chancellor White, Vice Chancellor for Research Hinzman, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services Burrell, Vice Chancellor for University and Student Advancement Gray, Vice Chancellor for Rural, Community and Native Education Peter, Director of Human Resources Lobland, Senior Public Information Officer Grimes, Title IX Director Griffith, and Board of Regents Members Anderson, Bishop, Buretta, Davies, Heckman, Hughes, O’Neill, Parker, Perdue, Sweet, and Teuber,
Thank you for the invitation to provide the UAF administration with solutions to institutional challenges faced by women and other historically underrepresented groups. Although institutional change to create an inclusive and diverse community at UAF is ongoing, the current gender distribution of leadership positions and salaries suggests that UAF has yet to create equal opportunity for everyone (  We seek institutional changes that provide an equitable environment for all, as no gender, race or other identity should have primary access to leadership, mentorship, or teaching positions.

The following list of institutional changes represents a summary of recommendations written by a self-organized, concerned committee of researchers at UAF and endorsed by individuals in the greater UAF community.  We cannot speak for the Alaska Native community but we recommend UAF leadership more proactively seek the inclusion of AK Native voices, and renew their commitment to seek counsel from AK Native leaders.  These recommendations are organized under four categories: mandatory leadership training/skills; policy changes; institution-wide research; and specific administrative actions.

Mandatory leadership training and leadership skills
Policy Changes
Institution-wide research
Specific administrative actions
We appreciate your collective commitment to UAF
We appreciate your collective commitment to creating a future at UAF where all scientists and employees university-wide, have equal access to training and leadership positions, equal pay, and opportunities to contribute to their field of research. We look forward to receiving your written response on November 1, 2017 detailing the timeline of specific goals UAF plans to achieve in its efforts to create a more inclusive community.

Vanessa Raymond, Project Manager, Geographic Information Network of Alaska
Lily Cohen, Research Professional, International Arctic Research Center
Brie Van Dam, Environmental Data Center Manager, Toolik Field Station
Jessie Robertson, Research Professional, School of Natural Resources and Extension
Jane Wolken, Program Coordinator, Alaska Climate Science Center
Joanna Young, PhD Candidate in Geophysics and Program Lead for Girls on Ice Alaska

With UAF community support from:
Brita Irving, Research Scientist, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
David Rounce, UAF
Aurora Roth, UAF Geophysics Alumna, Girls on Ice Alaska Instructor
Claudine Hauri, International Arctic Research Center
Emilie Sinkler, PhD Student in Geophysics
Erin Pettit, Associate Professor of Geophysics, Director of Inspiring Girls Expeditions
Federico Covi, Geophysical Institute
Stefan Tangen, Master's Candidate, Natural Resources Management
Robert Busey, International Arctic Research Center
Lindsey Parkinson, Master's Candidate
Barbara Johnson, PhD Student, Natural Resources and Sustainability
Constantine Khrulev, Research Professional, Geophysical Institute
Rawser Spicer, Research Programmer, Geographic Information Network of Alaska
David Kreiss-Tomkins,  alum,  MA in Arctic and Northern Studies
Douglas Cost, School of Education
John Harley, PhD Candidate, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Tracie Curry, PhD Candidate
Jessica Garron, Research Professional, Interdisciplinary PhD candidate
Brandon Boylan, Faculty, Political Science Department
Melanie Engram, Water and Environmental Research Center, Institute of Northern Engineering
Tina Buxbaum, IARC
Reba McCracken, PhD Student
Christin Anderson, alum, MS Natural Resources Management
Laura Oxtoby, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Geophysical Institute
Beth Zirbes, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Stephanie N. Kennedy, PhD Candidate, Environmental Chemistry, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jeremy VanderMeer, Alaska Center for Energy and Power
Janelle Badger, Department of Biology and Wildlife
Andrew Cyr, PhD student, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Elena B. Sparrow, Education Outreach Director and Research Professor, IARC and SNRE
Joseph Welch, M.S. Alum, ABR Inc.
Katherine L. Anderson, PhD Candidate, Department of Geosciences; University of Alaska Museum
Mark Spangler, IAB
Erica Lamb, M.S. Alum
Sarah Stanley, Associate Professor of English
Tessa Hasbrouck, MS Department of Biology and Wildlife
Amanda Kelley, Assistant Professor, CFOS
Rose Vining, M.S. Student, Department of Biology and Wildlife
Bob Bolton, International Arctic Research Center
Louise Farquharson, PhD Candidate, Department of Geoscience
Brenna Carlson, Student
Christina Carr, PhD Candidate, Geophysics
Jennifer Curl, MS Candidate, Biology and Wildlife; Mathematics and Statistics
Chanda Meek, Associate Professor,  Political Science
Molly McDermott, Alum, M.S. Biological Sciences
Jessica Girard, Community Member
Alex Thornton, College of Fisheries & Ocean Sciences
Dina Abdel-Fattah, PhD Student, Natural Resources and Sustainability
Karolina Pavic, Alum, Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Christopher Bruton, Alum, M.S. Geophysics
Hannah Gerrish, Student, Department of Biology and Wildlife; College of Liberal Arts
Jeff Benowitz, Research Associate Professor, Geophysical Institute
Meghan Murphy, PIO, College of Natural Science and Mathematics
Patrick Terhune, M.S., Geosciences
Patricia Rivera, Facilities Coordinator, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Sine Anahita, PhD, Associate Professor of Sociology, UAF
William Swanson, PhD Student, Environmental Chemistry
Jessica Cherry, Affiliate Faculty and staff, UAF
Anna Liljedahl, Research Associate Professor, Institute of Northern Engineering, UAF
Josh Paul, Graduate Student, UAF
Sarah Fowell, Professor, Department of Geosciences, Director of GeoFORCE Alaska
Debasmita Misra, Professor of Geological Engineering
Molly Tedesche, PhD Student, IARC and INE
Kristin Timm, Alum, MSc Interdisciplinary Studies
Sandra Boatwright, INE
Andrew Johnson, Geophysical Institute
Cyndee West, United Academics AAUP/AFT  
Abel Bult-Ito, Ph.D., University of Alaska Fairbanks
Sean Bemis, Alum (BS & MS in Geology), Research Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech
Oralee Nudson, Geographic Information Network of Alaska
Kate Quick, Developmental Education, Interior Alaska Campus
Crane Johnson, Alum, Civil Engineering
Mark Wipfli, Institute of Arctic Biology, UAF
Melanie Lindholm, UAF Dept. of Sociology
Alexander Hirsch, Faculty, Political Science
Dara Merz, Field Technician, Alaska Earthquake Center, Geophysical Institute
Andy Aschwanden, Research Assistant Professor, Geophysical Institute
Chris Coffman, Professor of English
Jamie Clark, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology (CLA)
Josefine Lenz, Institute of Northern Engineering, UAF
Brian Daniels, B.S. Alum
Jessica F McLaughlin, BS and MSc alum, Department of Biology and Wildlife
Kailyn Davis, Student
Elizabeth Miner, Former Student
Tomas Vrba, Staff, EPSCoR
Kristian Nattinger, student
Jed Brown, Alum (BS Physics, BS+MS Math), Asst. Professor at CU Boulder
Fatima Ochante, Adjunct Professor and Alumna
M. Kayt Sunwood, Retired Director of UAF Women's Center, + Adjunct Instructor
Sam Herreid, Alum (BS Geology)
Olivia Lee, International Arctic Research Center
Donna Hauser, International Arctic Research Center
Mary Maureen Biermann, Adjunct Instructor
Allen Bondurant, Research Professional, Water & Environmental Research Center
Eva Hewitt, Community member
Jenna Zechmann, PhD Student, Geophysics
Rosemary Madnick, Office of Grants and Contracts Administration
Mette Kaufman, International Arctic Research Center
Erin Shea, Dept. of Geological Sciences, UAA
Bridget Watson, Office of Research Integrity
Kathleen McKee PhD Candidate, Dept. of Geosciences and Graduate Research Assistant, Geophysical Institute
Serene Rose O'Hara-Jolley, MaE, UAF Adjunct  Dept. Of Early Childhood Education
Erin Trochim, Postdoctoral Fellow, International Arctic Research Center
M. Syndonia Bret-Harte, Institute of Arctic Biology & Dept of Biology and Wildlife, UAF
Hannah Foss, CGI artist, Geophysical Institute
Laura Brosius, PhD Student, Department of Biology and Wildlife
Johnse Ostman, UAS Alumni, current UAF graduate affiliation, USGS colleague
Annie Silverman, Alum, MA
Kelsey Dean , Student
William Schnabel, College of Engineering and Mines - Institute of Northern Engineering
Jennifer Carroll, Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development
Kelsey Gobroski, Geophysical Institute
Kaja Brix, NOAA; Affiliate Faculty UAF
Stephen Arturo Greenlaw , Undergraduate, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Martin Truffer, Geophysical Institute
David Fee, Research Associate Professor, Geophysical Institute
Sally Kieper, K-12 Outreach
Andy Baltensperger , PhD Biological Sciences Alum, National Park Service
Amy Kirkham, PhD Candidate, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Lindsey Heaney, IARC and AK CSC
Sue Mitchell, Geophysical Institute
Kathryn Everson, PhD Candidate, University of Alaska Museum
Karen J. Spaleta, Advanced Instrumentation Laboratory
Charla Bodle HR, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Margaret Cysewski, Geophysical Institute
Sarah Mitchell, UAF Department of Theatre & Film
Kelly Kealy, Alum, MA
Amy May, PhD, COJO
Hannah C. Hill, Student
Brenae Baker, Alumni, Department of History
Troy Poulsen, Graduate Student, former Teacher's Assistant and Speaking Coach
Gabriel Wolken, Research Assistant Professor, IARC
Ryan Toohey, Affiliate Faculty with IARC
Jen Delamere, Research Scientist, GI
Marsha Sousa, Director, Honors Program, UAF
Helen (Nanne) Myers, Retired: UA Academic Affairs, WAMI (UAF era)
Taryn Lopez, Research Assistant Professor, Geophysical Institute
Leah Wrenn Berman, Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Nick Konefal, Research Engineer, Alaska Center for Energy and Power
Suzanne Bishop, Rasmuson Library
Michelle Harbin, Geophysical Institute
Elizabeth Green, MS alum
Amanda Meyer, PhD Student, Natural Reaources and Sustainability
Julia Terry, Alum (School of Jounalism); MSW
Jeanne Laurencelle, Alaska Satellite Facility
Stefanie Ickert-Bond, Professor of Botany and Curator of the Herbarium UA Museum and Dept. of Biology and Wildlife, UAF
Chynna Sandgren CLA Alum, Lead Admissions Coordinator, Office of Admissions
Sandra Wildfeuer, CRCD, Math
Sean Asiqłuq Topkok, Assistant Professor, School of Education
Anna Gagne-Hawes, Admissions Counselor, Office of Admissions
Brianna Gilmore, Student
Mary Buchanan, Student Systems & Data Specialist, Office of Admissions
Jane Groseclose, UAF BA and UAF MBA Alum, Communications Coordinator, Office of Admission
SE Nicholes, Student Ambassador
Maureen P. Hogan, Professor, School of Education
Helena Burman, Alaska Earthquake Center, Geophysical Institute
Brian Barnes, Institute of Arctic Biology
Kristin O'Brien, Associate Professor of Biology and Wildlife/ IAB
Derek Sikes, University of Alaska Museum, Dept Biology & Wildlife, IAB
Daisy Huang, Assistant Professor, College of Engineering and Mines
Knut Kielland, Professor, Dept. of Biology and Wildlife
Kevin Winker, University of Alaska Museum, Dept Biology & Wildlife, IAB
Alexis Will, Alum. PhD Biology, Post-Doctoral Fellow National Institute of Polar Research, Japan
Ellarae Miner, Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development
Eugenie Euskirchen, Institute of Arctic Biology
Elisabeth Nadin, Associate Professor, Geosciences, UAF
Maite Agopian, E&O Coordinator, ESNM, Geophysical Institute
David Koester, Department of Anthropology
Veselina Yakimova, M.S. Student, Department of Geosciences
Jeff Freymueller, Professor of Geophysics, Geophysical Institute and Dept. of Geosciences
Angelica Floyd, International Arctic Research Center
Russell Dennis, Graduate
Pamela Groves, Insitute of Arctic Biology
Alex Iezzi, Geophysics Graduate Student, Geophysical Institute
Kelly Drew, IAB/UAF
Maya Salganek, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre and Film
Carolyn Rosner, International Arctic Research Center
Carie Green, Assistant Professor, School of Education
Mareca Guthrie, Assistant Professor of Art,  Art Department & Curator of Fine Arts, UA Museum of the North
Heather Aruffo, UAF Graduate Student
Ellen D. S. Lopez, Associate Professor, Psychology Department
Alex Alfaro, Graduate Student, English Department
Gabrielle Vance, Educational Designer, Geophysical Institute
Eileen M. Harney, Assistant Professor, Department of English
Vladimir Alexeev, International Arctic Research Center
Carrie Baker, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre and Film
Charles Jones, PhD, INE alumni; Tribal Liaison, NW CSC
Lena Krutikov, Academic Advising Center
Victoria R. Smith, Academic Advisor, Student Support Services; Graduate Student, Arctic and Norther Studies
Stacey Howdeshell, Academic Advising Center
Aline Collin, PhD candidate in Chemistry and Biochemistry, GMRA, ASRA mentor
Dorothy Parkerson, International Arctic Research Center, UAF
Mark Fahnestock, Research Professor, Geophysical Institute
Joanna Green, UAF/BLaST
Sara Wilbur, Institute of Arctic Biology
Brett Biebuyck, Toolik Field Station
Amara Simmons, UAF Alum, B.F.A.
Matthew Robertson, UAF - SNRE
Charles Parr, Research Technician, Geophysical Institute
Brianna Gray, Alum
Bill Witte, UAF Alumnus
Marc Oggier, Graduate Student, IARC
Courtney Carothers, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Franz Mueter, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Kevin Baird, Fairbanks resident, journalist
Ann Olsson, PhD Candidate, Department of Biology and Wildlife , Institute of Arctic Biology
Veronica Padula, Aleut Community of St. Paul Island
Casey Brown, Alaska SeaLife Center
Katherine A. Trahanovsky, PHD Candidate, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Tom Kurkowski, IARC
Heather Dahl, Counseling Program, School of Education
Susan L. Renes, Associate Professor, School of Education
Gino Graziano, School of Natural Resources and Extension
Nate Bauer, Director, University of Alaska Press

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