2020-2021 Distance Learning Counselor Check In
Hi! It's Mrs. Kelly, the school counselor. I know that not being able to come to school can cause some mixed emotions, confusion, anger, sadness, anxiety, excitement, and even nervousness. I am checking in to see how you are doing and to see if there is anything that I can help you with. Answer as many questions, or as few, as you'd like. The more, the better! Your answers will only be seen by Mrs. Kelly. You can also contact me by email at sandra.kelly@winnsboroisd.org
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What are some activities that you like to do while you are at home? Things I enjoy are..... *
Need to Talk? If there is anything you would like to share with me (it can be good news, something you need help with, or just saying "hi"), feel free to email me at sandra.kelly@winnsboroisd.org If you would like a phone call or email from me, and it is okay with your parents, please fill out the next slide. I will make phone calls and answer emails during school hours when my schedule allows. *
If you would like to talk, please put your email, phone number, or the best way to reach you. *
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