Interested in learning about your appliances' energy consumption?

By connecting with our research ( you can receive an electricity monitoring kit* for free**.

You will be able to check online the consumption for the whole house, or for individual devices, activate/deactivate a plug remotely, and compare your consumption with others.

To participate, you must:

1) Be older than 18

2) Live in Europe (plug adapter may be needed)

3) Have Internet at home (with a hub - you'll need to plug a network cable)

And what we expect from you:

- We want you to become more aware of how much energy is used around your house, and to learn/share your experiences with others. This is not much!

If you fancy that, leave your contact details by filling this form.

We will be in touch very soon!

*, powered by geo (

** first-come, first-served! Stock is limited.

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