Virtual Programming Survey
We'd like to know how to better serve our community through virtual programming. Please fill out the survey below to help us evaluate our virtual programming!
What is your age? *
Have you attended a virtual program? (This could be for children, tweens, teens, adults, etc.) *
How did you hear about our virtual programming? *
What types of virtual events have you attended? *
What times do you prefer we have our virtual programs? *
If you attend our virtual programming, what day do you prefer? *
What kinds of virtual events would you be interested in seeing from Watauga Public Library? Let us know any concepts you're interested in! *
If you haven't attended virtual programming, is there a specific barrier that has caused this? (i.e. times)
If you have attended a virtual program, what was your favorite part?
Do you have any other thoughts on virtual programming?
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