2020 Massage Membership with Ground & Bloom
Choose between 60 minute or 90 minute travel massage, and commit to a monthly program that will keep you accountable for your body feeling great and your mind being calm!
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I am SO excited to help my clients (YOU) stay more regular with your bodywork through my FIRST membership program!! You are all getting an exclusive chance to MAKE SURE you have a spot in my books for the rest of this year. The years schedule is getting busy and appointment spots are now only on certain days... AND I am only accepting a limited amount of memberships! Once they are filled... there is no guarantee of spots, but not to worry I will post about pop ups and any open availability if and when I have it.

If you would like to sign up for the membership or want to discuss it, please fill out the form here and I will contact you to get everything finalized.

For more details on membership, please see the message at the bottom of the form.
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Membership Agreement Details
For the remainder of 2020, you have 3 rescheduling credits. This allows you to reschedule your select day and time to another day and time that month where and if there are openings. Rescheduling must be done 48 hours or more ahead of your scheduled appointment. I will always do my best to make members appointments happen, but in order to be there for my clients and be at my best, it may not always work out. If at all cost you cannot reschedule, you are welcome to gift your massage to a friend or family member (gifting credits and rescheduling credits are separate).

If the availability I have for that month, 1.does not include your scheduled day AND 2. You are unable to reschedule for a different day among my availability, then you will not be charged for that month. If this unlikely situation happens more than once, we will have to look at the option of cancelling your membership.

You have 2 gift credits, where you can gift your massage to a friend or family member. This must be done at least a week in advanced. You are still responsible for the payment of this service, whether the gift is an actual gift, or someone is paying to take your spot. (New client promo is not valid for these gifting credits).

- Anyone you, as a member, refer to get a massage done with Ground & Bloom will receive an extra 15 min during their massage, what a great gift to them!
- If they are a new client to me, they'll also receive the new client promo($15 off).
- If you refer anyone to become a member, you will receive $10 off of your next scheduled appointment
(Clients MUST state your full name as a referral when scheduling or at their first appointment)

This membership will require a CC to have on file, but other methods of payments are available if you prefer. If the CC is not your preferred method of payment, the only time it will be charged is if you do not schedule in the month, cancel within 24 hours or are a no call no show when I arrive for your appointment at home. In this case, the CC will be charged on the first Tuesday of the month, following your month of missed or cancelled appointment.

If a Credit Card is your preferred method of payment, you will be charged on the first Tuesday of every month, to cover that months appointment(s). If you would like to add a tip onto your monthly CC amount, please let me know and we will get that all set up ahead of time.

Self Care Kits:
The first limited amount of members who sign up for the 2020 membership will receive a kit of tools to use at home, on the go or at work to keep their self care game at its best (number dependent on while supplies last). I will sometimes use these tools in your appointments, educate you on how to use them on yourself or how a partner/friend/family member can help you.

*This membership is for TRAVEL MASSAGE appointments only done at the clients home, work or other approved space provided.

* This is an agreement on monthly payments and a monthly service.

* This membership is meant to help you and allow me to be at my best for you. To cancel your membership, simply contact Moe to come to and agreement on the best solution for all parties. There will be no refunds if service has been provided or you have failed to comply with this agreement (i.e. missed appointments, etc.) There may be a small fee associated with cancellation, depending on products and benefits received with membership agreement (self care kit, etc.)
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IF "YES" - WELCOME!! I can't wait to show you how monthly bodywork is going to change how you feel in your body AND your mind. Please type your full name below, to digitally sign this agreement, and Moe will contact you to schedule your spot!
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IF "NO" - I want to do my best to create a program that is best for you. What in this agreement does NOT work for you? How could it be better for you and your schedule? Any feedback is helpful and appreciated!
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IF "UNSURE" - What is on your mind that is keeping you from a decision one way or another?
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