Questionnaire 'No healing without restoration'

(Dutch version)

In December 2022, Prime Minister Rutte, on behalf of the Dutch government, offered apologies and acknowledged that slavery was a "crime against humanity." Apologies have also been offered by Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, the province of North Holland, and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). The apologies made are a historic milestone, but what happens next? Prime Minister Rutte stated, "We put a comma, not a period." This was a quote from artist Serana Angelista.

The path to recovery is still unclear because there has been no discussion (yet) about reparations or measures for restitution. This is despite the fact that at the abolition of slavery, it was not the victims but the perpetrators who received a form of "compensation."

The apologies are an important historic step, but they are not enough. Descendants of those who were enslaved have a right to reparations. In the past, the Dutch government has provided restitution for atrocities and offered financial compensation to victims and their families.

What do you think should come after the comma? What does restoration mean to you? Share your opinion with us! Please fill out the questionnaire.

To address the question of slavery reparations, we want to gather ideas and sentiments from the community. We will ask you a few questions, so please answer honestly and directly. We will use your responses to provide concrete proposals for restoration to officials at the municipal and national levels.

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