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This document constitutes the agreement set forth between the above-named child’s parents/legal guardians (referred to herein as “The Parents” and Gan Aviv, LLC (referred to herein as “The School”). All terms and responsibilities included in this agreement shall remain in effect for as long as the above-named child (referred to herein as “The Child”) attends The School and are not limited to any certain school year or time period. *
1. Tuition, Payments and Programs
1.1. The Parents agree to pay The School the monthly charge of $ as the monthly tuition for The Child’s attendance to The School based on the program and schedule selected by The Parents. The Parents understand and agree that monthly tuition fees may change between school years and programs and will be in accordance with the Program and Tuition Schedule posted at The School. Any changes in program selection or the monthly tuition fees will not affect the validity of this agreement.

1.2. Our program operates in 2 separate sessions, Academic School Year and Summer Camp session. Program, choices, and tuition schedules for the school year are different from the summer session. Enrollment for each session is separate and required to insure the child’s spot. Re-enrollment is required each year.

1.3. The Parents understand and agree that The School’s tuition is paid on an Academic School Year basis with one full payment, ACH, or CC. Full tuition is due regardless of The Child’s actual attendance during the school year. No discounts or refunds can be given for absences, vacations, holidays, inclement weather, and illnesses or for any other reasons.

1.4. A non-refundable Registration Fee and a Deposit in the amount of 1-month tuition is due with The Application Form upon enrollment and will reserve The Child’s spot at The School for the school year or session written on the Application Form. Nursery School Deposit is non-refundable and is used as the last payment for the School Year Tuition. Full School Year Tuition is due regardless of Childs attendance. Day Care deposit is only refundable after the child has started the school year and is used for a tuition guarantee for the first month of school, September 2020. The deposit will be applied to the Child's last month tuition with a one month written notice. If child does not start September 2020 for any reason the security deposit is forfeited.

1.5. Registration to The School is for the entire school year (September through June). The Parents are required to provide The School with a 1 month written advance notice in the case of withdrawal prior to the end of a school year. (Applies to Day Care enrollment only) If the required advance written notice is not provided by The Parents, the deposit paid under section 1.4 above will be applied towards the required 1-month advance notice period in addition to any other charges and fees due as per this agreement.

1.6. Parents or Childs Guardians, whose signatures are signed on this contract, understand, and agree that they are personally guarantying full payment for the full year of enrollment for their child/children and are legally bound by this contract. It is agreed and understood that in the event full payment is not carried out, the Parents or Guardians will be responsible for all cost and expenses as per section 1.10.

1.7. The monthly tuition is due in advance on or before the 1st day of each month for The Child’s attendance to The School. A $30 fee will be charged for any declined ACH or CC.

1.8. The Parents agree to pay a $25 late fee if the monthly tuition is not paid by the 5th day of each month, and a $50 late fee if the monthly tuition is not paid by the 10th day of each month.

1.9. It is agreed and understood that in the event a payment remains overdue for a period of 30 or more days, The School may refuse The Child’s further admission and may commence legal action to recover any amounts owed to it.

1.10. If the school is obliged to commence any legal action or use the services of a collection agency to recover any overdue funds, The Parents will be liable for all court costs, expenses, reasonable attorney’s fees, or any collection agency’s charges associated with any such action. These fees will be payable directly to the school within 30 days.

1.11. It is agreed and understood that the selection of weekdays is not guaranteed for 2 and 3-day programs. The School will make every effort to accommodate The Parents preferences; however, The School will make the final decision according to number of children and teachers per class.

1.12. The Parents are expected to abide by the policies of The School regarding arrival and dismissal times. Overtime fees for late pickups are billed monthly and will be charged as follows:
1.12.1 A $9 per hour overtime fee will be charged for any late pickups beyond the duration of the program The Child is enrolled in, during school operating hours.
1.12.2 A $10 per each 15-minutes overtime fee will be charged for any late pickups after school closing.

Tuition Amount *
2. Health, Medical and Illness
2.1. The Parents agree to comply with all The School’s policies and procedures regarding medical care.

2.2. The Parents agree to provide any health and medical documentation pertaining to The Child to The School within 2 weeks of any such information requested by The School. The Parents will submit The Child’s Universal Health Record (CH-14) form signed by The Child’s physician along with The Child’s immunization records to The School within 2 weeks from the first day of The Child’s attendance to The School.

2.3. In any event medication is needed; Permission to Administer Medication Form must be signed by The Parents and accompanied by a Doctor’s note permitting The Child to attend The School and detailing medication dosage and use.

2.4. The School reserves the right to refuse admission to any child showing apparent signs of illness without a written Doctor’s statement permitting The Child to attend school. The Parents agree and understand that The School cannot admit any child presenting with any of the following signs of illness: fever, diarrhea, vomiting or rash, without the explicit permission of The Child’s physician.

2.5. In the event The Child presents any signs of illness while attending The School, The School will immediately contact The Parents. The Parents are required to pick up The Child immediately upon receiving such notice (within reason) or appoint someone else to do so in their absence.

2.6. If the Child returns to school following any absence due to illness, The School requires that The Parents present a Doctor’s written permission for The Child to return to school prior to the admittance of The Child.

Health, Medical and Illness *
COVID - 19 Addition
Gan Aviv is committed to staying open during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we will close under the following circumstances:

1. Closure by the Bergenfield Health Department
2. Closure by the NJ Office of Licensing
3. Closure by the NJ Governor

In case we are ordered to close:
1. There will be no reimbursement or discounts for the first 30 days of closure.
2. Zoom classes will begin after 48 hours of closure for 2s-PreK

The following 1st of the month:
1. The reduced rate of $500 will be billed for all students.
2. Zoom classes will continue. Materials will be mailed or dropped off.

After 60 days of closure:
1. The reduced rate of $400 will be optional for all students.
A. Those who continue to pay will have their space held and be able to return immediately when we reopen.
B. Are able to take Zoom classes, receive projects and other virtual specials.
2. Families that do not pay the reduced tuition after 60 days will be placed on hold and are not considered "active" families.

If a child or family needs to self-isolate for any reason for 14 days to due to COVID-19, full tuition is required, discounts will not be given.
If a class/classroom is closed for possible exposure to COVID-19 full tuition is required.
If a family travels to another state or country that is on the COVID -19 NJ list: the family will not be allowed back to Gan Aviv until self isolation after 14 days or follow the NJ Health Department Guidelines. No discounts on tuition.
COVID-19 Terms
3. Emergency, Pick Up and Custody
3.1. The Parents state and agree that they are the legal guardian(s) of The Child and are authorized to enter into this agreement and make decisions regarding The Child’s education and medical care.

3.2. The Parents authorize the person(s) named in The Child’s Enrollment Application Form to pick up The Child and The School to release The Child to those person(s).

3.3. The Parents authorize The School to obtain and provide medical assistance for The Child in case of emergency.

3.4. The Parents authorize the release of The Child’s medical records as necessary for any emergency care for The Child during school hours.

3.5. The Parents agree and understand that The School will contact the person(s) named in The Child’s enrollment Application Form for any emergency and are responsible for keeping names and contact information current and up to date always for the above person(s).

3.6. The Parents are responsible for notifying The School in writing and provide the appropriate court orders or documentation in any event of a custody issue involving The Child’s parent or legal guardian.

3.7. The Parents are responsible for notifying The School in writing regarding any person(s), other than custodial parents or legal guardians, not authorized to pick up The Child.
Emergency, Pick Up and Custody *
4. Additional Terms
4.1. The School reserves the right to dismiss or discontinue the enrollment of The Child at any time for good cause, or if it seems that The Child is not benefiting from The School’s program.

4.2. The School is not responsible for any loss or damage to The Child’s personal property.

4.3. The Parents agree and understand that The School will be operating a webcam service. The Parents agree and understand that as part of this service the activities of The Child in The School will be photographed and/or filmed and displayed on the internet for all parents, protected with a username and password.

4.4. The Parents agree and understand that the access credentials to The School’s webcam service are confidential, and sharing those credentials with any other person, including other parents in The School, may result in the loss of their access privileges to the webcam service and legal action.

4.5. Parents are prohibited from soliciting Gan Aviv employees for childcare or any other circumstances that will conflict with the employees’ schedule, including work days, set up days, clean up and meetings. Such solicitation will cause for immediate expulsion of child from Gan Aviv.

4.6. The Parents agree that they have received, read, and understood The School’s policies regarding expulsion, discipline, communicable disease, release of the children, method of parental notification, use of technology & social media, the state’s Information to Parents document, and the parents Handbook.

4.7. The Parents agree that The Child participates in walking trips around The School.

4.8. The parents approve the use of their child’s photographs taken at the school on the school’s website for internal and promotional purposes. I understand that my child’s acceptance, the rates, fees, charges, and terms set forth above, form my legal and binding agreement with Gan Aviv.
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