Official EWC Singapore 2020 Mentor Form
Codesurance and GEN Singapore is organising Singapore's National Finals for Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) 2020. It is the World's Largest Entrepreneurship competition with 187 participating countries and 103,000 applicants.

Min Commitment: 10 August to 6 September 2020

How to qualify as a Mentor?
1) He/she must be an Entrepreneur and/or has at least 2 years of Corporate Experience.

What is required as a Mentor?
1) He/she is open for pre-booked online consultation sessions (depending on your availability) during the Mentorship Phase from May to 23rd Aug 2020.

Mentoring Benefits:
1) He/she will be featured on EWC Singapore website as 'Mentor' and be part of EWC Singapore's community
2) He/she will be invited to EWC Singapore's exclusive closed door events.
3) He/she will be able to provide recommendations to invite other Mentors.

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