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What is your current occupation?
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How many years have you been working in your current profession?
What is your current level of education?
Are you currently a student?
In which country do you currently work?
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Which best describes your current employer?
Which activities are a regular part of your work? Check all that apply.
What programming languages do you actively work with? Check all that apply.
As part of your position, do you mentor students or interns at any level? Check all that apply.
If yes, how many?
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Does your position allow you to make purchasing decisions, such as computer equipment and software licenses?
Do you personally run WRF or other models as part of your occupation?
How many years have you been working with WRF?
How much of your work time do you spend running WRF (pre-processing data, running the model, post-processing)?
Which WRF components do you actively use? Check all that apply.
Which pain-points do you regularly encounter in your work with WRF? Check all that apply.
What kind of computational system do you currently use to run your simulations? Check all that apply.
How many cores (CPUs) do you most often use for your WRF simulations?
What versions of WRF do you currently run? Check all that apply.
Do you customize or modify WRF code to meet your project needs?
At what horizontal grid resolution do you run WRF? Check all that apply.
How large is the grid size (width or height, whichever is larger) in your typical WRF use?
Do you use WRF nesting?
To what extent do you change WRF dynamics and physics parameterization options?
Which model do you use as the source of initial and boundary conditions data for your WRF simulations? Check all that apply.
Has WRF documentation been helpful to you?
Not helpful at all
Extremely helpful
Would you find value in an automated, real-time WRF forecasting system? This system could run daily, or multiple times per day, without your intervention.
Would you find value in having a web API to create and run WRF model runs, and access model output?
Would you find value in automated visualization and plotting of model output?
Would you find value in running WRF coupled with other models? Check all that apply.
Would you find value in being able to run other models through Cloudrun? Let us know which ones!
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Imagine if Cloudrun was a 6-star experience to you. Imagine it was so good that you had to tell all your friends and colleagues about it. What is this experience like? What are the features of the platform? What makes it so great that you want to continue using it? Please write anything that comes to mind!
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